Back from Vacation

Now the fun begins! I’ve already completed the Descriptions that will be displayed on Etsy. Each piece is already located in my Shop there in my Drafts section. Basic Jewelry boxes have been acquired and all that’s left is quality photos then everything goes live! I have four more pieces of Jewelry that I will be making and many have already been started. In addition there will be a new section on my…

Jewelry Coming!

I’ve completed I decent amount of Jewelry for my new Jewelry Line. They will be made available for purchase on Etsy sometime this coming week. More professional photos need to be taken first however, as well as writing nice descriptions for each piece. The best way to keep updated is on My FaceBook Page. Click like on FaceBook for more instant updates!

Galleries Still Incomplete

I’ve been busy as of late creating new products so I have not yet had the time to get around to populating the Galleries. I will get to that as soon as I am able to. There is a high chance that I will be switching to a different Gallery Plugin that is more user friendly as well. Blessings, Jasmine Layla